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What is a leak detection and repair program?

An LDAR program is the system of procedures a facility implements to locate and repair leaking components, including valves, pumps and connectors, in order to reduce the emissions of fugitive volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). It is the most effective method of controlling fugitive emissions on site.

Benefits of an LDAR Program

LDAR Envolve environmental solutions are designed to ensure that our clients reduce their environmental impact by minimizing the release of airborne pollution and contaminants. Through a structured program of identifying the source of emissions and then taking action to eliminate or minimize it, major client gains can be made.

Excellent financial payback will be seen by a reduction in lost product that would have been otherwise lost to the environment. The result is a safer, more healthier working environment for workers and a business shown to be taking proactive community decisions.

LDAR Process


Identify process lines and components


Tag components in line with the P&ID numbers, modify the line drawings if necessary


Record emissions in the database correlate values to plant leakage, report findings


Repair, replace, overhaul


Re-screen and audit. Re-measure the emission readings

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