High Temperature Sealing in Biomass Plants

The Phoenix Group has a long standing association with many landfill and biomass plants in the UK, providing Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) services and supplying gaskets and other sealing products.

One of these sites is a waste treatment facility in the central belt of Scotland which converts landfill gas to usable energy. This process involves extracting gas (methane), which is processed and pumped to gen set engines within a turbine house. These engines generate electricity, which is sold to the national grid.

The process is volatile, with process temperatures that operate beyond the limits of traditional gasket materials such as compressed fibre and graphite. Previous attempts to find a suitable gasket had failed, with the products failing before the engines could next be serviced.

Phoenix sealing were asked to offer a high temperature sealing solution for inlet and outlet flanges of the engine exhaust system that would offer long term, high integrity sealing. PG-Therm, a mica (phlogopite) based sealing material was offered, and successfully installed, adding approximately 300hrs extra running time between services with zero leakage.

For more information on PG-Therm, or on how our products and services can help with leak prevention and environmental compliance, please contact Dr Gavin Smith on 01246 209680 or info@phoenixsealing.co.uk

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Leak Detection in the Biogas Industry

Biogas is renewable energy source created when organic materials (plant and animal products) are broken down (eaten) by bacteria in an oxygen free environment, a process known as anaerobic digestion. This process occurs naturally in oxygen depleted places such as soils, landfill sites and marches, but it can also be reproduced under controlled and contained conditions in special tanks called anaerobic digesters.

Anerobic Digesters(AD) produce biogas by processing feedstock crops, manure, straw, food scraps, slurry and even sewage. The resultant gas contains roughly 50-70 percent methane, 30-40 percent carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of other gases. The material that is left after anaerobic digestion is called digestate, and can be used a fertiliser for crops. After biogas is captured, it can produce heat and electricity for use in engines, microturbines, and fuel cells. Biogas can also be upgraded into biomethane, also called renewable natural gas or RNG, and injected into natural gas pipelines or used as a vehicle fuel.

Methane leakage is a potential issue for many biogas plants. Fugitive methane emissions result from the biogas production process (the AD plant) and biogas utilisation processes (e.g. biogas combustion in CHP engines/boilers or from biogas upgrade systems in BtG plants). For this reason, leak detection surveys and reporting are now a requirement of the Environmental Agency permit scheme for Bio Gas facilities.

The Phoenix Group is the UK leader in the provision of leak detection surveys for the biogas production sector, and has a wealth of experience in helping facilities meet their environmental goals. We work throughout the UK on plants with a variety of technologies including biodigesters, waste recycling and landfill recovery. Our skilled and experienced technicians use a combination of optical gas imagining and organic vapour analysis to detect and quantify leaks, as well as offering assistance on minimising the leaks with repair strategies. If required our sealing experts can assist in ensuring the right gaskets and seals are being fitted in the application.

For more information contact Dr Gavin Smith on gsmith@phoenixsealing.co.uk

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Sales Coordinator Role

We are an expanding manufacturing company based in Chesterfield. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and service support which has resulted in the expansion of our business. We are currently seeking a full time Sales Coordinator to join our team.

You will be responsible to the care and support of our clients and customers. Ensuring enquiries and orders are dealt with, and that they are aware of our new and existing products, and they are fully informed on significant developments. Efficiently answering price enquiries, stock availability and despatch times.

You must demonstrate a passion for excellence and excel in customer service, sales skills, and can communicate articulately and professionally.

Key responsibilities

To deal promptly, courteously, and efficiently with customer enquiries and orders. Regularly progress customers outstanding orders and effective dealing of all correspondence.

Calling new and existing customers to increase sales.

Key attributes

·Excellent communication skills

·Strong IT skills with a knowledge of Sage and Microsoft Office

·Must be able to work as part of a team but also show the skills to be able work unattended.

Main tasks

1.Processing orders using Sage 50. (Training can be provided)

2.Answering the telephone, dealing with customer enquiries, and raising quotes from the enquiries.

3.Liaising with suppliers about queries/orders.

4.Conduct tele-sales operations as directed.

5.Liaising with office staff members and helping with the admin duties of a busy sales office.

6.Be aware of the state of stock and materials received as an aid to selling. Stay connected with the warehouse regarding orders for various products.

7.Ensure that all operations are carried out in accordance with procedures set out in the Quality System.

Benefits include a target-based bonus scheme and being part of an organisation with progression opportunities.

Working Hours – 09.00 am to 17.00 pm Monday to Friday

1 Hour lunch

Salary £20k – £25k Depending on experience

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Christopher Mellows is made a Fellow member of the Chartered Management Institute

The Phoenix Group would like to congratulate Director of Zulu Joint Integrity & Training Ltd, Christopher Mellows, for recently becoming a Fellow member of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI).

The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. Fellow grade is the highest grade of membership awarded by the institute and is only given to those who have demonstrated experience in leadership, performance-driven management, and are operating at the highest strategic level. It requires a management qualification at degree level/equivalent, and a minimum of 10 years’ management experience, three of which must be at a strategic level. This grade carries entitlement to use the designatory letters FCMI and is granted by a CMI Assessment Panel.

The Phoenix Group of Companies value Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as it is evidence of our competencies and experience within our respective group company services.

Well done Chris!


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Phoenix Welcome Zulu Joint Integrity to the Group

The Phoenix group is delighted to announce the acquisition of Zulu Joint Integrity, a UK based company specialising in the design, implementation and execution of flange management programs and bolted connection training.  The new addition means Phoenix are able to offer a complete package of leak detection, sealing solutions and joint integrity, as well as allowing expansion into new markets and territories.

Joint Integrity Management is the total package of services that provides the best possible chance for a plant to achieve a leak free start-up after a period of maintenance. Zulu programs address the issues associated with joint failure, managing every stage from engineering analysis of the joint through all the necessary work to closure and bolting, all with full documentation. In addition, Zulu offer training in line with global industry guidelines and legislation including BSEN1591-4:2013, ECITB MJI10/MJI11, ASME PCC-1:2013 and Energy Institute Guidelines. The focus is on ensure a safe and timely leak free start-up of process plant – particularly UK COMAH assets, but increasingly worldwide.

Zulu Joint Integrity was originally founded in 2009 by Christopher Mellows. The business is located at its headquarters in Bridgend, South Wales and has global operational capabilities within the oil & gas, petrochemical, steel, process and power generation industries.



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