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Phoenix Training & Technology
The Phoenix Training and Technology group of companies share a common goal of reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes. They do this by using pioneering technology, innovation and know-how to deliver sealing solutions and emission reduction programs across the globe. Phoenix Technology and Training products and services are used within a wide range of industrial sectors including oil and gas, chemical, nuclear, pulp and paper, power generation and original equipment manufacturers.
LDAR Envolve
LDAR Envolve is a provider of environmental and safety products and services with over 10 years’ experience in implementing and managing leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs. The company uses pioneering technology such as optical gas imaging to detect leaks and supplies a range of innovative safety products such as the Fingersaver.
LDAR Envolve
FIJI Training
FIJI provide certified training in all aspects of bolted joint integrity. Their courses are designed to ensure that technicians are competent to undertake all processes associated with the assembly and disassembly of bolted flange connections. All training is delivered by experienced and registered instructors.
Fiji Training